Saturday, 29 October 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics 2016 12 Days of Beauty Calendar || Review and Swatches

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I spotted this years '12 Days of Beauty' by Tanya Burr Cosmetics in my local Superdrug. That excitement only doubled when I realised it was on offer for a mere £15! Not a bad deal for 12 different beauty items when you consider that one lip gloss by Tanya Burr Cosmetics retails in the realms of a fiver. I will warn you now, click away if you want to get/have already got the calendar and don't want to be spoiled, because I will be showing and swatching the products in this review!

The thing that most excites me about this calendar is that I'm actually really excited about all the products, which is a little unusual for me, as I'm quite picky with my likes and dislikes! But, let's be honest, the Christmas season is my favourite time of year, so it makes sense that all things festive (and festively named) just tickle my pickle a little bit more than summery things. And hey, can't go wrong with a bit of glitter.

Inside the 12 Days of Beauty calendar, you get 10 different beauty items and 2 handbag essentials, all limited edition and rather special for the season:
Glitter rain nail polish
Sleigh Bells nail polish
Glitters and Gold nail polish
Ice Crystals glitter liner
Treasured glitter liner
Christmas Stocking Matte Lip
Berry Pavlova lip gloss
Candy Cane lip gloss
Snow Day glitter pot 
Champagne Sparkle glitter pot
Nail file

The nail polishes are all full sized, the glitter eyeliners are full sized (and hey, if you can't wear glitter liner at Christmas when can you?), and the lip products are half sizes (perfect for throwing in your handbag) which I'm really impressed at, as for the price you are getting a lot of product, even if you end up buying it at the full £25. That's just a little over £2 a product! (And if you get it from Superdrug at the current £15 price, it's only £1.25 per item). To my mind, that's a bloody good bargain for some decent products.

I think my favourite items in the calendar are the three lip products. I do love me a good lip product, and these colours are perfect for not only the Christmas season and autumn, but will serve me well all year round! (I just might not tell people the names of them). Candy Cane is a pretty baby pink lip gloss with a sheerish formulation, Berry Pavlova is quite a deep red, but sheer lip gloss, and my favorite of the three is the matte lip, Christmas Stocking. It's a true red colour with a great formulation, that applies really easily and will be perfect for Christmas day!

Are you planning to get this beauty calendar? Or any other? What's your favourite beauty advent calendar?

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  1. Wow the value is really great, I love how festive everything is xx