Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Otherwise titled, An Ode To My Friends. Or rather, one friend in particular. But I digress. Personally, I think friends are the lifeblood of this world. Don't get me wrong, family is great. But to overuse a cliche, you can't pick your family. You're stuck with the one you get given at birth, and lets be honest, it's a lottery. They can be amazing, completely shit, or somewhere in the middle. But friends on the other hand, you get to pick and choose who you keep close by and who you discard, the people who always pick you up and make you feel good, and (should they be a good friend) don't judge you for the messes you get yourself into. Whether it be alcohol related, relationship related, work related, money, pets, kids, whatever it may be, friends are always there with a laugh, a hug, and a nice big mug of tea.

And at the root of it, friends are absolutely free. And that's the best thing about friendship. You can be as broke as you like, but you'll still (with a bit of luck) have friends around to cheer you up. And yes, you might buy them presents or whatever, but at the very heart of it, there's no money exchange. You don't buy your friends, whatever your parents might joke when you're younger. (Anyone else's parents do that?)(Or other friends, for that matter)(It's an overused joke)

This post is dedicated to one of my friends in particular, and she is a fine example of why friends are so bloody damn great, and why I like to treasure my friends and keep them close to my bosom. Creepy, maybe, but I'm a limpet at heart. My friend Lulah, otherwise known as The Fresher Mum (find her on facebook, she's absolutely fab and her kids are the cutest), is one of life's golden people. As I explained in my post earlier this week, I've been struggling lately. And there's more to come on that later, but essentially, I've been feeling like shit and had been struggling with living alone, so Lulah, despite having kids and a husband and all manner of responsibilities (I'm convinced she's superwoman), offered for me to move in with her for a few weeks whilst I get my head back together, and I couldn't be more grateful. I mean seriously, how many people would do that for someone? I'd like to think everyone would, but we all know that's not true. And her kids are the best therapy, I swear. So that helps. But anyway, getting off track again. 

So this is my thank you to her, as I'm crap at explaining feelings in actual words, and a reminder to all you who may be reading this rambly late night post to treasure your friends and take a moment to be grateful. Friends are life's greatest joy and pain and everything in between, and I never want to be without them.

Love, Beth

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