Tuesday, 16 February 2016

50 Things To Be Happy About || Winter

1. Cosiness - scarves, hats, woolly jumpers, blankets
2. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows
3. Long walks in the brisk air
4. The prospect of snow
5. Days on the sofa watching movies
6. Seeing your breath on a cold morning
7. Sparkling frost 
8. Mug after mug of hot tea - breakfast, green, herbal, any kind
9. Cuddling up with the people you love, a bit like penguins
10. The whole world feeling like it's stopped to take a breath
11. Icy blue skies and fluffy white clouds
12. Welly boots and muddy puddles
13. Eating all the carbs and all the chocolate and not caring because no one has to see you in a bikini
14. Spring beginning to sprung and all the flowers poking their heads out of the ground
15. Cosy blankets (again, I know. But it's a good 'un)
16. A Sunday (or any day) roast, finished with a hearty pudding (syrup sponge is a personal fave)
17. Cake, in general
18. Cosying up in bed and listening to the rain outside
19. All of the layers
20. Having an excuse to stay inside and read a book
21. Spending many hours on the internet mindlessly browsing
22. Not feeling bad about watching all the crap TV
23. Dark lips
24. Picking up a morning latte and warming your hands on it
25. The evenings drawing in, and pulling back out again
26. Planning the 'best summer ever'!
27. Boots and fluffy socks
28. Crumpets and jam
29. Being able to slow down and do nothing because of the weather
30. Neutrals
31. Laughing with your friends so hard you snort
32. Not sweating all over the place because it's not hot
33. Long, hot soaks in the bath with delicious bath products
34. Having a full on pyjama day
35. Magical sunsets
36. Blustery beach walks
37. Berry toned nails
38. A big bowl of hearty soup and a crusty bread roll
39. Crackling open fires
40. Early nights and late mornings
41. Sunday lie ins with nothing to get up for
42. Frosty forests
43. Catching up on everything you felt bad about doing during the warm summer months
44. Being able to plan a summer holiday and be grateful you'll be able to get into the warm sun in just a few months
45. Remembering how much you hate the heat and being grateful that it's actually cold
46. Days where it doesn't rain and it's just clear and brisk and the cold air in your lungs makes you feel alive
47. Dew drops caught in spiders webs
48. No bugs, spiders, bees, or wasps
49. Cosy jogging bottoms being an acceptable fashion choice
50. The fact that it's winter and you're here and you're alive and it will  be okay, it will get better, the sun will rise on another day

Love, Beth 

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