Friday, 11 September 2015

Five Under Five Friday || Body Products

It is now t-minus a week until I leave for uni, and the life of a broke student. This means that my spending habits are going to have to change drastically, and I'm going to have to start running a tight ship with my budget! Let's all pause a minute whilst I shed a tear for all the beautiful products I can only lust over for the next probably one hundred years. Luckily for me, there are plenty of just (I keep telling myself) as nice products that come in under a fiver, which is about as much as I'll be able to spend! And so now is the dawn of the 'Five Under Five Friday' here on Babbles With Beth, a new series where every Friday or so I'll share five different products that are cheap but do a cracking job! 

My first pick is this Pump It Up raspberry scented dry shower/body wash, which was a godsend when I was travelling and you can pick up from Boots here for £3, which I think is a bloody bargain. It's also available in several other scents, and is essentially a foam which you rub on your body and it cleanses you without the need for water. Essentially, it's witchcraft, but incredible in situations like travelling when you feel a bit disgusting and just want to freshen up, or at a festival etc when your ability to shower is limited. Cracking little product I think. Basically like dry shampoo for your wobbly/sweaty bits. Bless you people who invent these things.

My second pick is from a brand I have developed an intense love for, and genuinely doesn't seem to get the love it deserves (more on that next week). Again a godsend in Europe is the KIKO foot and heel relief cream, which is actually sort of a cheat as it retails for £5.90 here, but I did manage to pick it up in a sale for around £2, and it's honestly one of the best £2's I've ever spent. This stuff works miracles on disgusting dry heels, and as my heels are some of the most disgusting and dry, I use this on a near daily basis to soften and protect them. Third, is the Supreme Cream Body Butter which is sold in Sainsbury's for £4, or you can pick it up here. Sold by Dirty Works (which seems to be a cheaper supermarket version of Soap and Glory with similar packaging and names), this is a cheap and cheerful, yet still thick and luxurious body butter chock full of lovely ingredients like shea butter and macadamia oil. The scent is lovely, and the product leaves your skin silky smooth. For the price, it does a blummin' good job.

My fourth pick is the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera, which is currently £4 in Superdrug, available here. It's been around for a while, but is a recent purchase for myself as I was in the market for a fairly cheap but lovely bubble bath product, and so I decided to treat myself to this as it comes in a mahoosive bottle and doubles as a shower cream. Basically it's like buying two products, but it comes in this one bottle with the prettiest packaging. The colour is a pearly pink, the scent is lovely and floral-y, the bubbles are cracking, and it cleans my skin. I mean, what more could you ask for? Nought, I say.

Fifth and final is a product I don't actually have to hand to photograph, but comes highly recommended by both my mother and best friend, and if you can't trust the recommendations of those two people I mean, who can you trust? No one, that's who. This product is Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion in Deep Sun Kissed (also available in light), and it retails for £5 here in Sainsbury's. It's a gradual tanning lotion that also moisturises and does all the jobs of your basic body lotion. My friend swears by this to maintain her summer tan (and honestly, she's darker than when she came back from Ibiza, but in a lovely glowy natural way), and my mum has used this in place of a spray tan to look darker and glowing for a wedding, and she just looks like she's come back from a really sunny place. It's a lovely little product for the price, and a good alternative if you cannot afford to get a spray tan, or want something a little lighter and gradual.

And that concludes this first Five Under Five Friday! I hope some of these are useful to you, I know I'm not the only one who is on a tight budget! Come back next week for more 'Five Under Five Friday'!


  1. Great picks! This kiko cream sounds amazing, definitely going to get my hands on it! :)
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  2. Lovely pictures!
    charlotte //

    1. Thank you! Amazing what you can do with flowers you stole from your dads garden ;)