Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Sick Day Post

I may only have a cold, but I have still managed to spend the past couple days feeling very, very sorry for myself, blowing my way through a whole rain-forest worth of tissues, and drinking copious amounts of tea. As you may be able to tell, I'm not very good at being sick. Some people are able to take some drugs and away they go! I envy those people. I'm more of a person who's brain turns to mush and they just sort of flumph (accurate scientific term) on the sofa or bed or floor, whatever you prefer.

There are, however, a few lovely little things that succeed in making me feel better when the nasty cold virus strikes, and I thought I would share them around with the world in lieu of sharing the aforementioned nasty cold virus germs. Roll up your sleeves, spritz on some antibacterial, grab the tissues and lets get cracking.

First up, ye olde classic Disney movie and blanket on the sofa. There is nothing better than a Disney movie for improving my mood automatically, and today I have managed to watch Cinderella and Tangled thus far, and I plan to watch at least Beauty and the Beast later, and maybe Winnie the Pooh. This also works with any other favourite movies, though I do not recommend weepy movies, or horrors. A good rom com will do the trick nicely!

Next, drugs and tissues. Not those sort of drugs, but the lovely kind that Boots and other pharmacies stock and make you feel almost like a functioning human being. I'm terrible at taking actual tablets, something in me does not like me swallowing things whole, and so I much prefer the powder lemsip type that you can make into a hot drink in your favourite mug, and snuggle into a blanket with it. I don't actually like the blackcurrant ones, but the apple and cinnamon lemsips are pretty good and very effective.

A hot bath is also lovely. The steam helps your airways and helps you breathe, which is usually essential for life and gets harder with a blocked nose, the hot water just feels delicious, and bubbles are fun. I love this Ted Baker bath foam that I've had for a while, it smells divine (not that I can smell much), and leaves me feeling smoothy smooth.

Finally, water and tissues are probably the biggest essentials. Water to keep you hydrated, tissues to stop you looking like a snot monster. Mmm, attractive picture there!

These are just a couple of the many things I use to keep my spirits up when afflicted with the cold. What do you like to do?



  1. I love a steaming hot shower when I'm sick, I find that the steam clears up my nose instantly :)

  2. I too can't deal with being ill, at all. I think I'm worse than a bloke with 'man flu' haha. Definitely rest, layers and lots of Lemsip for me! x


  3. Aw sorry you’ve been unwell. Such a cute post though and some great tips! I love your Bell Mug. I like sipping on fruit tea and watching youtube videos or daytime TV ha! Get well soon :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog