Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Baked Eyeshadow and Bronzer | Review

I have a confession to make: I have fallen completely, truly, utterly in love with Makeup Revolution. I don't know how it happened, but I feel like we will never be split apart. I don't have a massive Makeup Revolution collection, alas my closest Superdrug does not stock the brand of my dreams, but what I do have I absolutely love. I'm slowly getting through reviewing what I picked up, and today I thought I would review the wonderful Baked Eyeshadow and Vivid Baked Bronzer.

I don't own any baked products other than these two little beauties, but for some reason, to me, baked products always look so much nicer than normal eyeshadows/bronzers/blushers etc. I don't know what it is about them, but I really just love the look of them. Just look at the swirls in that bronzer! Luscious. (Does anyone even use that word anymore..?)

Both the products come in basic plastic casing with transparent lids (the writing on top is rose gold which makes me extremely happy), which is what you'd expect from such cheap prices, but it does feel very secure. Definitely a bonus in my book. They are available online on the Makeup Revolution website and Superdrug.com, but also instore in selected Superdrugs. 

I got the bronzer in the shade Rock On World and it retails for £4.00 (which is hardly going to break the bank!). This little beauty is just wonderful. I don't often use bronzer as I feel I'm too heavy handed on my stupidly pale skin, but this will definitely come into it's own in the summer when I (fingers crossed!) have a bit of a tan. I just love the look of this. It's a beautiful coppery bronze colour with swirls of a lighter highlight, and looks stunning on the skin. It's  highly pigmented and super shimmery, but the glitter has been finely milled and just serves to give a lovely glow to the face. For under a fiver, this does a ruddy good job. The compact is also a decent size, and I can see this lasting me a good long while. 

These baked eyeshadows are just as beautiful, and ridiculously cheap. Retailing for only £2.50(?!?!?!), you get five baked eyeshadows in this handy little compact, making it ideal to travel with and it won't even matter if you end up losing it. I got the Pure and Innocent compact as I just loved the look of these shades. In this compact you get a cream shade, a light pink, a purply colour with iridescent blue glitter, a bronzey shade, and the last colour I have spent at least ten minutes trying to work out! When I swatch it it looks more rose goldish, but it doesn't look anything like that in the compact! Whatever it is, it's beautiful. All these shades are very shimmery, so definitely don't get them if you are a matte sort of person! I very much am in love with them, and you get basically all the shades you need for a complete eye look. Beautiful.

Have you had any experience with the Makeup Revolution baked products, or baked products in general? Love 'em or hate 'em?



  1. I have never tried any Makeup Revolution products, I'm very interested to try some!


    1. You definitely should! Cheap as chips and incredible products make a happy blogger!

      beth x