Thursday, 5 March 2015

Color Switch Review

For a person as extraordinarily lazy as me, life revolves around finding the easiest way to do things and ways of time saving, leaving more hours in the day to do, well, absolutely nothing! And this is where the Color Switch by Vera Mona steps in. This inconspicuous little black sponge is a little life saver. I purchased just the refill, as it was much cheaper coming in at £5.16 from Amazon and does the job (I assume) just as well as the version you can buy that comes in a tin. This retails for around £19, and you can also get a version of the Color Switch with a small damp circle in the middle for easy application of wet eyeshadow, which comes in at £22 for the tinned version, and £7 for the refill. I believe you can also purchase the Color Switch in a version that slides on your arm for easy use (mostly aimed at makeup artists).

Basically, this product is designed for easy removal of eyeshadow shades from your brush, making using many different colours very easy as you can use the same brush for several different colours, just wiping it off on this sponge in between. It does a very good at removing the pigment from the brushes so the colour does not mix, but particularly on white brushes you notice that the colour isn't quite removed, but this has no effect on the colour of the next shade you are using. 

This is designed for eyeshadows, but as someone with many different blushes and only one blush brush, this sponge is also good for removing excess blush powder from my brush so that I can use a pink colour after previously using coral, etc. The Color Switch is no replacement for washing your brushes, obviously, but is excellent for use in between washes. And do not be alarmed, as the Color Switch can also be washed in the same way as makeup brushes, so it will last. I am very, very in love with my Color Switch, and I don't think I'll ever look back! Now I just need to purchase some good quality brushes to go with it!

Have you used anything like this before? What do you think of it? Time saver or waste of money?


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