Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Summary #1

I love having a holiday. Not having a job anymore means that when we get a half term break from college, I actually get  a break, and it's so wonderful to just be able to stop (although that has now resulted in me no longer wanting to do any work ever.) I spent the last week visiting my dad and his family up in London, and I had a lovely chilled week filled with fun activities!

I got to travel up on the train first class, which is always very lovely, although South West Trains first class is very inferior to Cross Country first class, I'll tell you for why, they don't have free tea or wifi. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps.

I also got to visit Brighton for the first time! I already babbled on a bit about Brighton, but I fell head over heels for it, and I'm almost a little bit sad that I didn't accept the uni offer from Brighton as my firm choice. I loved the pier, I loved the atmosphere, I loved being by the beach (which is a strange thing for someone who lives in Devon to say..), I loved The Lanes, I loved everything. Brighton has such a nice atmosphere, and I could have quite happily spent my entire week there. Hell, I could have spent my entire week just in Snoopers Attic! It was totally amazing, and I can't wait to go back.

I also made the plunge last week to (semi-permanently) dip dye the ends of my hair copper! It's something I'd been debating for for a while, and then when my step-mum booked me into the hairdressers and the lovely lady there suggested it, I didn't have the guts to disagree, but I'm totally in love with my hair. I don't have the funds to pay to get it done properly, but I might buy a colour and permanently dip dye the ends of my hair copper permanently, and do a whole post on it. Any thoughts?

The final big thing I did last week was navigate London by myself! For someone who has spent the majority of her life living in a tiny, safe village, London is terrifying. The people walk quickly, instead of doing the Devon shuffle, all the buildings are massive, and there's just things everywhere. It's always a totally overwhelming experience, and I've only ever been into London once a year, usually with my parents/a parent. But on Friday, I got a travel card and explored London by myself for the first time in ever, and I didn't get lost or scared! It was a miracle. I did meet up with some friends for an hour, and we did a couple touristy things, like going to Kings Cross to visit Platform 9 3/4 and Baker Street to see  221b, but I was mostly on my own, and went to Oxford Street and Covent Garden. Covent Garden is probably my favourite place in London, I love the vibe, I love the Royal Opera House, I love all the shops (especially MAC and the Disney Store...) and I love the market. Basically, I just love it! Very good day indeed.

And then I came home yesterday, and my adventuring was over :( How has your week been? Got up to anything fun?