Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Summer Wishlist #1

As much as I am a massive fan of winter and adore Christmastime, I will admit that come the new year I get fed up of being cold all the time, and start looking forward to summer, and all the new fashion that comes with it! This summer is particularly exciting for me, as I am off with a friend to travel around Europe for three weeks and yes, I am planning on buying a completely new wardrobe! And an important part of that wardrobe will be shoes. Namely: flipflops.

I always feel like flipflops are a love/hate kind of item, but I will admit to loving them, as they are so easy to put on and wear, and go with so many different summer outfits. Ipanema have an increddy range of flipflops on their website, and I found myself lusting over pretty much every pair, but found four that would be ideal for my trip (and I might be treating myself to!)

Pair number one are these gorgey heeled flipflops, the Ipanema Lipstick Wedge £35.00. I adore heels, although I really don't need the height, and these would be so easy to wear in the summer on an evening out, paired with a simple dress or cropped jeans. I love the floral heel, florals are my summer weakness, and yes. I am very much in love with these shoes!

Pair number two are these beautiful red Ipanema Jewel II  flip flops, £25.00. I love the red and gold colours on these, and the addition of the cluster of jewels on the straps. These would be so easy to wear in the daytime, but would also be a pair for nighttime too, making them very versatile and a great addition to a summer wardrobe. They come in varying colours, but I liked this colour combination the most. I don't usually go in for colourful shoes, but I could make an exception for these beauties.

Pair number three are the prettiest pair of the lot, I think. These are the Ipanema Lola Flip Flop £18.00 (also very affordable.) I love the white and gold colour combination on these, they would go with most outfits and are perfect during the day. The addition of the bow is very cute, and I love that the printed butterflies are not only scattered over the heel, but also on the bow itself. These are almost too cute, and will no doubt be purchased in time for my trip.

Finally, pair number five are the most glamorous, but also most practical flip flop of the bunch. These are the Ipanema Vitraux Sandal £30.00, another pair that would be great for day time or night time, with dresses or shorts. I like the addition of the strap around the ankle on these, compared to traditional flip flops which don't have the ankle strap. This makes them so much easier to walk in, as they stay more easily on your feet without slipping off! I love the chunky gems on the t bar strap, and it just gives these such a lovely edge. 

I really, really love this brand and wanted basically everything, but these four are definitely my top favourites. What are your views on flip flops? Love 'em or hate 'em?


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  1. I love Flip Flops, so easy and they go with pretty much everything. I can't wait to start wacking out the dress's either. I miss Summer!

    Meme xx

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