Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Etsy Wishlist #1

You know those days when you start out with excellent intentions and actually end up doing nothing but browsing the web aimlessly? No? Well, that's what this morning has ended up being for me! I had every intention of sitting in my beloved Starbucks and getting my history coursework done, but actually managed to waste time reading blogs/scrolling tumblr/internet window shopping. It's been fun, but not very productive! Etsy is one of my favourite places on the web to waste time on, and I always find tonnes of things that I just need like five minutes okay. The above is only a sample of everything I fell in love with, and I only wish I had the money to buy it all! Beauty and the Beast and vintage things are my absolute weakness, it's not good. What's your favourite timewaster on the web? Found anything you love on Etsy recently?



  1. GASP. that clock and beauty and the beast skirt are such great finds! nice wish list :)

    I have been avoiding online shopping lately to save money so... i don't know what's on my recent wants lol