Saturday, 28 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash launch time!

I have been ridiculously excited about the launch of the Roller Lash mascara ever since I heard about the sample being given away with the Elle magazine, and subsequently bought and fell in love. I've not used another mascara since getting the sample, and I'm the girl who used to use at least two, if not three or four different mascaras at once. So in love with this. I didn't think it launched until tomorrow, but I accidentally fell into Boots earlier (our love affair will never end) and accidentally wandered past the Benefit counter, and saw this!!

I got ridiculously excited, and then even more excited when I saw the amazing offer Boots had on! 500 points, which translates to a whole fiver, were being given out if you bought the Roller Lash and one other full sized Benefit product. Now I think about it, probably not as good as I thought. But I got caught up in the moment, and then the lovely lady who told me about it offered to do my makeup, and how could I say no? 

I fell in love with everything she used. She started off with the triple performing facial emulsion and the POREfessional for the base, and then put the Big Easy Multi Balancing Complexion Perfecter over the top, and I kid you not, my skin has never looked quite so good. She also used the Rockateur blush, which is the prettiest shade of rose gold, the gimme brow which is just totally amazing, the Rockateur lip gloss which is actually not at all sticky and tastes amazing as it has lychee in it, and some of the colours from the world famous neutrals most glamorous nudes ever kit (more on that soon). I left Boots looking a million dollars! If I had the money, I would have bought every product she used as I fell completely in lust, althought the POREfessional didn't keep me shine free for as long as I'd hoped.

 Nonetheless, I loved having my makeup done, and I'm so glad I managed to get my mitts on the full sized Roller Lash, which retails for £19.50 although I actually prefer the design of the sample bottle! I loved the rose gold lid, although the design of this one is still pretty cool. I did a full review of the Roller Lash here.

Choosing what second product I wanted to get the 500 points was tricky, as there's nothing I'm really in need of at the moment, but eventually I choose the world famous neutrals most glamorous nudes ever kit, which retails for £23.50, as I loved the shades and the look that she created.

In the kit you get four eyeshadows and two creaseless cream shadows, and they are all highly pigmented, creamy, and easy to blend. They also claim to be longlasting, and the smoky eye the woman did earlier has lasted the day. They are all shimmer shades, so if you are a fan of matte eyeshadows this is probably not the kit for you! But I love them so much.

Powder eyeshadow wise, you get call my buff which is a pretty cream colour with a hint of shimmer and is perfect for in the inner corner of your eye and as a highlight on the brow bone, it's complicated which is the most beautiful rose gold colour with a hint of shimmer and it probably my favourite, kiss me, i'm tipsy which is a glittery brown colour with a red undertone and perfect for in the crease of your eye for a smoky eye, and finally gilt-y pleasure which is a lovely gold colour with a hint of shimmer. The two creaseless creams come in little 3.2g pots, and you get my two cents which is a coppery colour (that took me way too long to work out) and birthday suit which I'm also finding difficult to describe, but is lighter and almost rose gold, I want to say. Either way, they are both beautiful base shades and so creamy and pigmented. Am I the only one who utterly loves the names Benefit give their products?

I could've bought so much at the Benefit counter today, but I am in love with the two products I bought, and I'm going back on the 28th of March to get my makeup done again on the Hoola relaunch, so I'm very excited for that, and will probably buy way too much. What's your favourite Benefit product, if indeed you have one? Tried the Roller Lash yet, or are you steering clear? Let me know in the comments.



  1. I love love love Roller Lash! I managed to get a hold of it a week ago as I went to a boutique.. amazing! Your palette has such pretty colours too. X

  2. I am really tempted to purchase the full version of this, I have the sample size already and love it! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  3. Ah, The Roller Lash! I really want to try it but I am going to wait until th hype calms down and then see what people really think about it! :P The World famous nudes that you have picked up are gorgeous! I Love the 'My two cents' colour - Stunning!
    Elephant stories and more

  4. I really like benefit eyeshadows :) they have amazing shades!

    Vivi x