Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Everyday Makeup Routine!

Now, I'm pretty sure the whole world and his wife has done some kind of everyday makeup post, but I am obviously a sheep, so here is mine! As you are probably aware of by now, I am quite possibly the laziest person on the planet, and as much as I love doing my makeup and making myself look like an acceptable human being, it's often not worth the extra half an hour in bed. I do love my nest! But recently I played around with what I had, and worked out a makeup routine that literally takes me about five minutes, if that, and looks lovely and me look way better.

I am quite lucky in that I have fairly clear skin without much work or thousands of products shoved onto it, and though I do have the occasional rogue spot or blackhead outbreak, I can generally control it easily. This means I don't actually need to wear foundation for a pretty flawless base, which makes my makeup routine 3x faster and I only use around five products, and sometimes a lipstick or lipgloss. Obviously, depending on how much time I have and the state of my skin this routine varies, and I will put foundation on, or take the time to fill in my brows, but that's only if I'm going out or something special is happening.

All I do in the mornings is put my concealer (currently I am using the FIT Me Maybelline concealer in shade 15: fair) on the bags under my eyes and any blemishes that I have, and blend with the Real Techniques contour brush. I then dust my elf translucent matte powder (cost me £3.95 and is the best powder I have ever used) over the top to reduce the shine on my horrifically oily skin, and then brush my MAC blusher in shade well dressed over my cheeks and around my jawline, et voila, my base is done! All I do then is occasionally line my eyes with my Benefit They're Real Push up Liner, and I always wear mascaras. I tend to stick to Maybelline mascaras, and am using mostly the Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara in Leather Black, and sometimes I use it in combination with the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara. I love love love both of these mascaras, and the teeny tiny brush that comes on the Big Eyes mascara is so useful on my bottom lashes, and the bigger brush does a good job of separating my lashes.

Then I throw my powder brush and powder compact into whatever bag I'm using, occasionally add a slick of lipgloss or lipstick and I'm good to go! Looking human with minimal effort.


  1. I am pretty lazy too when it comes to makeup, all I seriously do most days is put concealer on and on good days I curl my lashes and put on some blush, haha great post

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  2. real techniques are just so awesome, I love it

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