Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Drugstore lipgloss review!

So a couple weeks ago I went and had a small splurge in Superdrug and Boots, something I haven't done for a while but I utterly adore. I've been looking for some new lipglosses for a while, as sometimes I don't want the coverage of a lipstick but I do want a hint of colour on my lips. So I picked up four different lipglosses, and two lip lacquers, and thought a little review might be fun!

The lipglosses:

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in shade 11 (£4.49 - Boots): This lipgloss smells UH-MAZING. Seriously, if you have one or you spot one, open it and smell it, it will change your life (disclaimer, it probably won't, but it does smell incredible). The shade is a solid pinky orange in the tube, but comes out quite sheer on the lips, so is ideal as an everyday shade for natural lips, or over lipstick for high shine. The applicator is yer bog standard doe foot, and glides on the lips v. nicely and is not all that sticky (essential in windy weather). Recommended just for the smell.

Seventeen Lip Lustre in shade Kiss The Stars (£3.99 - Boots): Seriously though, isn't Kiss The Stars just the cutest name for a product ever?! I genuinely picked up this shade just for the name, but it is a very pretty pinky purply colour with the prettiest iridescent sparkles. Again, it has a doe foot applicator and slides on pretty smoothly, the only downside is the lipgloss isn't long lasting like it promises, and is pretty sticky :( But the colour in the tube is beautiful, and I shall be displaying this one happily.

Collection Lock N Hold in shade Beat Box (£2.99 - Boots): Cheap and cheerful, I am a massive fan of Collection for little beauty staples, like eyeshadows and I love their brow kit. For the price it is, this lipgloss is pretty good. It's a sparkly pink colour that is very sheer on the lips, and would again be good over lipstick to provide that all important shimmer. Again, it's not as long lasting as it promises to be, but for just under 3 quid it's pretty good just to chuck in a handbag, and it's not a massive deal if it goes missing (as so many of my things are prone to do).

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in shade Chic (£6.99 - Superdrug): I swear to you this smells even better than the Barry M one. Seriously, it was probably the first thing I noticed, and then proceeded to make every one of my friends smell it to make sure I wasn't imagining things. It literally smells so good, and smell probably isn't high on the list of priorities when selecting a lipgloss, but it definitely should be. The colour is a basic, staple nude that applies easily with a normal lip brush applicator. I like this because the first coat is pretty sheer, but you can build up the coverage until a more nude lip is achieved. Very pretty for a natural everyday look. Love, love, love.

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in shades Luna and the matte Atomic Rose (Boots - £6.49): Now these aren't strictly lip glosses and give more of a lipstick finish, but I picked them up a while ago on the recommendation of a friend, and wanted to include them in this post. I did pick the shades based on the name because I ordered them online (all the product names are solar systemy which I think is pretty cool) and maybe that's why I don't get along with these two, but I'm definitely not a very big fan. I don't like the smell (here we are again) which is quite chemically and weird in my opinion, and they don't last very long on the lips (or well, my lips.) The coverage of the colour is good and solid, and the matte shade is actually matte, but I don't like the feel of them on my lips. The matte shade feels quite chalky, and they both feel...unsubstantial, I guess is the right word. I'm not sure, I just am not a great fan of the feel. They don't feel like lipgloss or lipstick, so maybe it's just fear of the unknown. I don't know. Luna is a corally shade, and Atomic Rose is more pinky, and maybe it's just not the right time of year for them. I'll keep persevering, see where we get. 

Left column: Tanya Burr Lipgloss, Collection Lock N Hold, Barry M Lip Gloss Wand. Right column: Seventeen Lip Lustre, Rimmel London Apocalips Luna, Rimmel London Apocalips Atomic Rose


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