Saturday, 31 January 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

Good news for UK bloggers/benefit lovers (and news that I'm sure you've already heard about unless you've been living under a rock), the new Benefit Roller Lash mascara is being sold with the March issue of Elle Magazine! The whole beauty sphere is going crazy for this new mascara, and no wonder, Benefit do do (heh) some top products, and this one is no different. The packaging of this little sample size has a different top to what the packaging of the full size product looks set to be, but I really love the rose gold look, and the small size is excellent for handbags and reapplying on the go.

This mascara is supposedly different from any other mascara as the lovely sciency people over at Benefit have created their new patented Hook 'n' Roll brush, inspired by hair rollers and meant so that you don't have to bother with eyelash curlers anymore (an absolute godsend for lazy people aka me). 

I don't often buy Benefit products, because I find myself unable to part with that much cash for a product when I'm basically broke all the time, as much as I love the look of their products and the packaging, but I couldn't resist getting my hands on this little beauty, especially since I thought it would be something that could completely change my lashes for the better, as I have teeny tiny little blighters that refuse to curl or grow or do anything but look non-existent. 

And I have to say, I was not disappointed. The colour is very black and the formula is quite wet, meaning that the lashes are coated nicely even after just one application, and there is minimal clumping and no annoying flakiness. Good job Benefit sciency people, good job. The curling aspect of this mascara actually worked better than I thought it would, as I have to say I was a little bit skeptical as to whether this brush would actually curl my lashes better than a normal curler,  but I was proven wrong! It really does curl your lashes, and I was very much pleasantly surprised.

The Benefit Roller Lash is currently available in the March issue of the Elle magazine. I picked mine up for £4 in Boots and let me tell you, it's worth every penny. I shall definitely be picking up the full sized product when it launches, no matter how many pennies it is!

Failing a little there at the picture sizing, but you get the general gist!


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